Thursday, March 28, 2013

Online dating and relationship work?

Concern merely by Jones: Do online dating and relationships work?

I would like to know if such relationships work or could even lead to marriage.For example when people are in neighbouring countries and they (male and female) “meet” through social sites like badoo or fb

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Answer by Mommy2Girls

I had a friend meet her now husband on a dating website… So, yes, they work.

Answer by olderwiser100a

like any relationships, ldrs often do and have worked. they take more trust and communication, but yes, they can work.

Answer by Princess Serenity xx

Maybe it does! work ways want relationship Princess Serenity people online meet marriage likely husband help dating Online dating and relationship work? httpcatholichelpmate blogspot com I know happy couples who met through these social networking sites and end up being happily maried. ;D

Answer by Alexis

An increasing number of relationships are starting through online dating. I say it works. With online dating, your first impression of the other is through words, personality, instead of looks which can lead to something special.

Answer by 1 SasuSaku Fan FOREVER <3

My mom’s friend is happily married to a woman whom he met on the Internet. They now have one kid.

It could work, probably not all the time, but it can.

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Online dating and relationship work?

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